Ways of Scheduling / Triggering a process

Hey - I was curious about different ways of triggering/scheduling a UiPath process.

Obviously there’s Orchestrator and Windows Scheduler, but I was wondering if anyone else had experimented with other methods.

Does anyone have experience triggering a process via an API? Is that still possible, or has it been deprecated?

Presumably you could trigger a bot from the command line - is it possible to do it from another computer/server?

Has anyone tried some really weird or interesting way of kicking off a process?

Hi Melkins,

As long as you can send the request the API will work.

Starting a bot currently requires 3 steps:
1 - Get the Release key /odata/Releases$filter=ProcessKey eq 'PROCESSNAME'
2 - Get the Robot ID /odata/Robots?$top=1&$filter=Name eq 'ROBOTNAME'
3 - Start the Job /odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs
“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “ReleaseKeyHere”,
“Strategy”: “Specific”,
“RobotIds”: [RobotIdHere],
“NoOfRobots”: 0,
“Source”: “Manual”


Am trying to integrate with K2 as per this KB article - https://help.k2.com/kb002436

The steps we follow after following the integration steps mentioned in KB is -

  1. Open K2 and click “Start Job” smart object
  2. Pass the parameters mentioned by you and click Execute

I get Unauthorized - 401 error in K2. and some times i get below error as well.

But am able to trigger the bot from Swagger after having a live orchestrator session in same browser, if not am getting 401.

Can you please help.