Watching Unattended Robots

When using unattended robots, why is it the case that when i log into the virtual box that’s running the robot sometimes the robot errors (Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions) and sometimes i can log in and watch the robot work?

really you could login to the same session as the robot and it did not disconnect? for me is normal that 2 cant be at the same place at the same time :wink:

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It depends on the settings of the robot, the settings of your virtual machine, and the settings of whatever you’re using to connect to that virtual machine.

Oftentimes the robot will kick you out when it starts running and stops running. It’s also a common issue that when you log into the machine while it’s running, it will mess up the active window, thus making some selectors and activities act erratically

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My question is more on the lack of consistency, i have a robot and process that I have been working with for a while and sometimes i can log in and watch it without a problem and sometimes me logging in kicks off the robot. @bcorrea @Dave

that might be that some actions need background stuff and others dont, so if it is background is ok to enter the session, if not it disconnects and error out…


@bcorrea That makes sence, can you please give me an example of an activity that would be considered “background stuff” :wink:

“background stuff” is anything that you do not supply a selector for. If it has a ‘selector’ section in the properties of the activity, then it can be background or foreground.

For example, using the “click” activity: If you use ‘SimulateClick’ or ‘SendWindowMessages’ properties, that is considered background stuff. However, if you leave it unchecked then it requires an active window.

The selector you are using in that click activity may also be something that is only available when it is the active window, thus disqualifying it as a “background stuff” activity, even when using ‘SimulateClick’ or ‘SendWindowMessages’ properties.


Good stuff, thanks @Dave and @bcorrea

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