Was not present in the dictionary

Is there anybody who has idea how to solve this problem ?


Can you check in debug mode if your dictionary has the key “Last Name”.

You can also check if the Key Exists in the dictionary using the acticty “Key Exists”


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@170290064 Hi,
can you show me TransactionData Type and where you are getting data.

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The error message is pretty clear. You don’t have a key “Last Name” in your queue item.

Is TransactionData a variable you’ve used in a Get Transaction activity? If so, your values are not in TransactionData(“key name”) they’re in TransactionData.SpecificContent(“key name”)

Why are you assigning each different TransactionData value to its own variable? This is redundant and unnecessary. Just reference TransactionData wherever you need the value.

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Thanks for all. It was a little mistake that i couldn’t catch.

"Last Name " had a space that i could not see at that time.

Solved by a senior in the office : D

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