Warning for log message in InitAllSettings

Why would this be giving an error? the same activity does not give an error in another WF. This is part of InitAllSettings.

“disallow explicit conversions from object to string”

Is “row” coming from “For Each” or “For Each Row” activity?
Check that it is set to “String” instead of “Object” in the properties.

If row is an object you can try to convert this into a DataRow like so:

CType(row, DataRow)("Name").ToString.Trim


Use this Log Message activity inside ForEach Row activity and then try once.

Hi All - Thanks for the responses. There were so many other strange errors appearing that I think it may all be linked to me moving stuff around in various folders to “tidy up”. I decided to start with a fresh project folder and Framework template. This solved many of the issues.


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