Wants to copy one list to another list

Hi Team,

I need to check whether each list value present in a text or not if the text contains the value need to append that value to new list. I am getting error at Add to collection activity. Can someone please help me.

@Shaik.Yezdani Can you show us what is the error you get?

@supermanPunch Please find the below screenshot.

@supermanPunch Invalid operation.

@Shaik.Yezdani What’s the type of Test?

@supermanPunch image

@Shaik.Yezdani Use an Assign Statement :
Test = new List(Of String) before using it

Still getting the error

@Shaik.Yezdani Same Error?

First you need to initialize, after you add to collection like the images.The ype argument it’s string

after you add like you did. It’s worked for me.addValue