Wanted! Released, Pre-Released or Planed: UiPath.Core.Activities.ShouldStop Analogous for Assistant. Reward, my sincere "Like"

Hello .*!
I am looking fo an analogous for UiPath.Core.Activities.ShouldStop for attended Bots.
More Exactly, the activity I am looking for checks if somebody stopped a running process, mor exactly, an attended bot started via assistant, using the Stop option in UiPath ASSISTANT.
The activity, I search for, assures a smooth termination of an attended process since it prevents the sudden interruption of an ongoing process.
The original, UiPath.Core.Activities.ShouldStop, is suitable for orchestrator jobs only and unsuitable for attended processes started via Assistant.
Any idea, if the activity I am looking for exists or is planed for feature releases?
Thanks in advice!

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I do not think there is such activity. And it would be indeed very usefull for controlled exit from process in attended environment.

It might be better to move this topic under feedback category to allow voting for it.


Thanks @J0ska for your reply. I follow your suggestion.

Hi @RobertoLuis

Cool suggestion! I will check with the team if this is somehow already possible. Turns out this is not currently possible.

I’ve saved your feedback in our internal tracker for it to be considered for the future :slight_smile:

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Can you explain this?

The description for UiPath.Core.Activities.ShouldStop says: “Checks if somebody stopped a running job using the Stop option in UiPath Orchestrator.” (That means, it works for orchestrator started jobs only.)
The analogous for this, what I am looking for, is: I want to check, if the user stopped a running job using the Stop option in the UiPath Assistant. I.e. it should work for Assistant started (attended) jobs too.
That’s it!

Thank you, Maciej for saving the suggestion! It would be my pleasure to hear if this will be implemented and when. Thanks a lot!

Have you tried it to see if it responds to an Assistant stop command? The documentation just might not be a little inaccurate.