Want to write my own selector in uipath to identify an element

Hi Everyone,

I want to write my own selector to identify an element by inspecting that particular element. Is it possible to include that in uipath and please suggest some material for reference if you know. I am involved in a web based automation project the selectors wont work after 3 days done all kind of basic work around but the error message “cannot find ui element” keeps popping up after a day or two so want to write my own selector to identify that element. \



You can use wildcards by replacing text that changes in the selector to a an *
Also, you can manipulate your selector as a string as well. If you click in the Selector property you will see the selector is a string surrounded by quotations, which then you can edit to include variables and anything else that you can do to create your dynamic selector.

Other than that, I’m not sure I understand what you need to do, but I hope this info helps. In conclusion, have UiPath generate a selector, then manipulate it as a string as necessary. EDIT: Also, UiExplorer will help you identify the attributes that are more consistent.


Thank you @ClaytonM I will check about including variables to identify the selector.