Want to use UiPath at widows XP

Hi, All.

I have a question about the UiPath support OS.
If I want to use UiPath at Windows XP, how can I use it ?

So, please tell me some information about it.

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Hi Mickey,
According to the below post, UiPath will require at least Windows 7. So I believe that it wont support Windows XP.

Hi, Sripadraj,

Thanks for your reply.

I wonder if I use Virtual Machine, can I use Uipath on the PC whose OS is windowsXP ?

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Need to use citrix automation.

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Hi, ddpadil.

Thank you.

I want to ask one mre question.

is there other method to use UiPath on the PC whose OS is windows XP ?
Please tell me.


I don’t think of any :neutral_face:
Just for the curiosity did you try to automate XP?How does it go?
Try in case you didn’t .:wink:

Oh… thanks :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I cannot install it on the PC.

Hey @Mickey

Minimum System Requirement to Install Uipath.


as you can clearly see in the above image. the Operating System Supported by uipath is mnimal Windows-7 and .Net version 4.6 or Above.

“Windows XP Home Edition” and above supports up to .NET 4.0 while “Windows XP Home Reduced Media Edition” only supports up to .NET 3.5.

Check link for All available version Hardware and Software Requirements:



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Hi, @aksh1yadav

Thanks for kindly reply.

My question becomes clear.

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