Want to use "Get asset" and "TryCatch" with "studiox"

I want to use “Get asset” and “TryCatch” with “studiox”. Who knows if there is a plan to provide in the future?

Hello Tani,

Unfortunately if you are familiar with the concept of Try Catch you are not the target audience of StudioX :slight_smile: So I would recommend that you use Studio to have a more programmer friendly experience.

Another approach would be to use StudioX to prototype a process and then you can open the process in studio and temper with it in order to add the try catch clauses.

As for GetAsset …well that is not in scope of StudioX at the moment .

thank you for your answer.
For example, is it possible to publish the library Project in Studio and import the created Nuget package into StudioX? (Using PackageManager).
Isn’t it possible to realize “GetAsset” by doing so?


I think i might just solve your issue. So in order to have getAsset in StudioX one has to do the following :

  1. Open the StudioX project in Studio
  2. Add the getAsset activity inside SequenceX
  3. Save the project and open it again in StudioX ( observe the getAsset acctivity is displayed now in StudioX
  4. From the properties pane configure the getAsset acctivity and save the output either to a saved value or to an Excel file for later use

From there … the sky is the limit :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for helping me!