Want to split or remove part of a text saved in variable in StudioX

Hi, I want to split a text extracted from html form by using get text activity. and saved in a variable using activity “save for later use”. For Example text “Agency Name: abc” saved in a variable. Now I want to get only text part “abc” and save for later use. Is there anyway to remove the text separated from :, or split in to parts. I am using StudioX 2020.10.6 enterprise version. If I try to use split, then variable is not showing in advance editor. Can I get the required text by any method. I can do it through excel, but I want to avoid doing through excel.
Text saved in variable is “Agency Name: abc”
I need only “abc”.


1-Use assign activity
2-left side assign putt aray of string
3- right side → Split(yourvariable.tostring,“:”)
It will break and store Name in first index and abc will be in 2nd index.

Now you can use it as

Use Assign Activity create a array in variable .split(":"c)(1)