Want to show DateTime parameter from a queue item in a given string format

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We are inserting a record in queue with a DateTime parameter. The record is visible in the Insight dashboard as “2021-11-19T23:09:02+05:30” which is very difficult to read and understand.

Is there any way that we can show there in a given string format like “dd-MMM-yyyy hh:mm tt”.

What I understand is once we enter a parameter in the queue, it is directly reflected in Insights, so how can we change the date format in between ?

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could you please check this out ?


Can you show the expression you are using here to add Date to the QueueItem.


Change PO Email Sent Date variable to String type instead of DateTime and then pass value as below to it.

    DatePOEmailReceived.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy hh:mm tt")

No. We need it in DateTime data type for further processing. So have to keep it lie that.

may be I can do DatePOEmailReceived.ToLocalTime like this.

Is it reference in the Queue ?
You can write the expression that @lakshman mentioned directly in the input where you are writing this date.
The other workaround is creating the second variable (String) just to pass this datetime to the Queue.
How the origin Datetime looks like before passing it to the Queue?



Later you can convert String back to DateTime variable

If you want to be in DateTime type for bot to process later then let’s leave it and not touch that parameter

May be we can add another new parameter in string format like this
Yourvariable. ToString(“dd-MMM-yyyy hh:mm tt”)

In this way you can have both the string with the format you want and also the DateTime that bot can use along

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Planning that way.

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