Want to select combinations of data from multiple dropdowns of a web page

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to automate a process where I have 5 dropdowns in a webpage. First dropdown will always be a fixed values.

My process should involve steps where all combinations of dropdown are extracted and exported into a csv file.

I’m stuck at the initial stage itself on the way to extract combinations of dropdown. Any help will be very helpful for me.


Hi @venkat_patibanda,

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Please provide your work flow xaml or any screen shots of clear requirement where you stuck.

Omkar P

Hi Reddy_Paluir,

Thanks for responding.

Here is the screenshot the webpage with drop down list.

My requirement is as below
First Drop-Down is Car/Truck – No need to change/extract value

Second Drop Down is Year – Need to scan year by year, each year will have different values for Make dropdown

Third Drop Down is Make – Need to scan all Makes for selected Year

Fourth Drop Down is Model – Need to scan all Models for selected Make

Fifth Drop Down is Engine – Need to scan all Engines for selected Model


Hello @Reddy_Paluri
The dropdowns available in the are of select type in html.

Let me make it clear. When I try to use Select Item, I’m receiving error, this control does not support select item.


Hi @venkat_patibanda,

Try to use some other activities like Type into or Select multiple items or CV Dropdown Select

Hi @Reddy_Paluri

Thanks for your suggestions unfortunately it didn’t help me. I have gather all the possible combinations from all the 4 drop downs and then export the data to csv.

Select Multiple is also giving me error as “this control does not support”.

Let me share you the HTML snaps of the dropdown that might help us in understanding it better way.


Note: Every year will have a different set of values for the corresponding dropdowns

Is it depend one drop-down to another?

First drop-down select enable second drop-down
Second drop-down select enable 3 drop-down

Yes you are right, Until we select the value in one dropdown the next one will not be enabled.