Want to know the exact position of process where the robot stopped

Sometimes in a big process, if in case my robots stops execution or else someone stopped my robot. Is there a way I can get to know until where my robot has executed or where exactly it stopped processing. for example “robot stopped execution at a particular if statement”

Or taking a scenario where it has to update particular id’s on a website, while updating the details of id’s my robot stopped on id no:456. so in this scenario my id’s upto 455 are successfully updated.

Hope you got my question…!!

Thanks in advance

You can use Log Message Activity for logging the execution of robot.
When someone stops the robots or execution fails, you can use the robot logs and find out where the execution got stopped.

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Karthik Byggari

Thanks Karthik, In my case I am not using Orchestrator, does your idea work fine without orchestrator also?

And Correct me if I am wrong, but Log Message Activity will show the place where I’ve placed the log activity but if my robot stops somewhere else or in some other file does it trace the location of the activity or the file where robot failed?

If Orchestrator not used also, the robot logs will be saved in the machine where the UIPath is running.
In the studio, from the toolbar you have a button Open Logs. It contains the output panel result, write lines, log messages.

Give a try.

Karthik Byggari

yes right Karthik I got your point. Sorry again but I can see in that as below
“For each row Executing”…
“For each row Closed”… and so on other activities

So in my case if in middle of for each row (1-100 for example) the 5th row is been fetched and someone stops my robot. Can this be identified that the robot stopped on the 5th row and execution is pending from the 6th row…

Hope you get my concern.
Thank you very much for the instant replies. Appreciate your help.