Want To Know Excel Limitation for Uipath

Hi Omkar,

MS Excel itself is limited to 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns. While I never seen a worksheet with so many columns, it’s not that uncommon to have many rows, even close to the limit.

As you know, the UiPath Studio comes by default with two sources for Excel activities:

  • App Integration → Excel activities

  • System → Workbook activities

For large excel files, I recommend you to use the App Integration Excel activities (those that require an Excel Application Scope).
The activities from Workbook might throw exceptions when working on large excel files. You should always go for the App Integration → Excel activities when working with large files. Internally, they are using different libraries to access the content of the excel file, hence the difference in behavior.
The excel activities in Workbook can be faster when working with small files and the biggest advantage is that they do not require Microsoft Excel to be installed in the system.

As for testing with an sheet with 600k records, while the Excel activities took around 5 minutes to complete, the Workbook ones kept on running till 20 minutes after which I cancelled.

Also, you could give it a try with a custom built package to handle extra large excel files - https://go.uipath.com/component/read-extra-large-spreadsheets.

Best regards