Want to get only KM from distance calculator net website


Hello friends,

I am entering just 2 city names in distance calculator .net website and the result is showing hour and minute along with km. Is there any way to extract only KM value.



@Ula Can you share the value you are getting


385 km 6 hours 3 min. I want only 385 km to print in log


@Ula str1 = “385 km 6 hours 3 min”

                   Assign str1 = str1.Split(" ".ToCharArray)(0).ToString


@indra Thank you. I got an idea. i am using get text and its output only 385 km 6 hours 3 min. is it possible to display only 385 km by modifying or editing selector.


@Ula Follow attach file

Main.xaml (5.5 KB)


@indra Thank you.