Want to fetch data from particular column

Hi All,

I want to fetch data from perticular column of table SAP applicatioln by scrolling down , i tried data scrapping but it is not working .

Please help me out , below is the screen shot of table

I want to take Amt in loc.cur. value from table and want to put in excel.


are you able to extract the whole table?
if yes extract the whole table and write the whole table in excel.

if you dont want whole table then you need to extract the whole table and apply query like
ExtractedDataTable.Rows(0).item(“Amt in loc.cur.”).ToString.

if you cannot extract whole datatable then:
use anchor base activity and use find image or find element and show image or element (column name “Amt in loc.cur.” ) in left hand side and on right hand side use get text activity
this will get you the desired output

Hope this helps.

No need of Data scraping here…A get text activity with proper selector will get you the deiserd output.

i am getting error a , actually table will change its position , so i have to scroll down or some time no need to scroll , so in such case will anchor work?

it giving me blank, as table position is not fixed.

Hi @amruta_pawar

try to copy data to the excel and use rows.item(“column no you want”)
you can fetch the data from particular column

let me know if its works

If the table column is not fixed, use anchor base activity and get text… Also,to scroll make use of send hot keys - pgdn indicating the SAP screen

thank you , it worked. :slight_smile:

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