Want to create a work flow for DataScraping with a click in between

Hello Every One,

Im trying to automate a process where i need to extract data and place it in Excel.

Here is the snapshot of the data table of a web page that im trying to extract:

Here is i have to extract Equipment,Engine,EquipmentType,Year values.(Im able to do it till here using Data scraping)
Next step is to click on the down arrow to view more details on the record.

There i have to extract Manufacturer,Donaldson,Product values.

My end result should be something like:

Can i have suggestion on how to have a click and then continue with the data scraping.

@venkat_patibanda - Is the expand item data is loads when you click on down arrow icon?? or data already loaded but invisible state?
if its already loaded with hide state - expand one element and try to do the scarping…


I have created the workflow as suggested by you setting the max results to 10. Unfortunately im not able to extract them in a proper manner. First 4 columns show the values of First 10 records that are processed. Next 3 columns are showing the values of last 10 records.
And as i mentioned first 4 column values will be common for a set of records, this is also not working as expected.

Im ataching the xaml for your reference if you would be able to correct me where i went wrong with it.
DonaldsonDataScrape.xaml (39.0 KB)