Want to Convert Currency amount in words to Indonesian language

Want to convert Amount in Indonesian words am using vb.net but facing some issue help me out for these

@sohil.b please share some samples and error details also.

Hi @sohil.b

The following topic might be helps you


Hi @sohil.b

  1. Create a new sequence in UiPath.
  2. Add an Assign activity.
  3. Assign the result of the following expression to a String variable (for example, convertedAmount):

New ConvertAmountToWords().ConvertToWords(yourAmount)

Make sure to replace yourAmount with the amount you want to convert.

Hi @sohil.b
syntax : CDbl(Your amount).ToString(“C2”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture(“en-Your country code”))

It Helps!