Want to compare two columns

I need to compare two columns of two different data tables based on time slot
If the time slot of both the column matches than the entry has to be saved into excel.
I have provided two excel sheet containing data
Also please provide me with Linquery for the same
Name2.xlsx (8.9 KB)
Name1 list.xlsx (8.9 KB)

you can use joins , if output of joins is more than zero it means matching

But I need to compare the time slot and just need name from both the datatables
Can you help??

tell me in details of your requirements

from name2 excel sheet we need to pick up the Eager to work column and if it is not “No” then we have to compare time slot for both the datatables of both excel sheet and if time slot is equal than we have to print the name and orphanage name along with time slot.
Also there are time slot that are comma separated we have to consider them also.

can you provide the sample output , for more clearance ?

Resultsheet.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Hi Kunal,
May I know why Linda’s name is not included in Result.xlsx sheet for time slot of 4pm-6pm , ie. ( row -7) because I could see she has 4pm - 6pm slots in name2 excel sheet . Correct me , if I am wrong.

Malik Arzath

we can include it
I have typed it so made a mistake
But you got it right