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Hello I am working on a project where i have 500+ pdf and want to extract data from it. With UiPath community i am allowed only 50 files in 1 hr. What is the best UiPath tool to buy? And how muh will it cost? and can i also convert my studio desktop file to cloud(studio web)?

Check these links:


Hi @marian.platonov, Thanks for the reply. I did check that and also started the 60 trail period. But i am only allowed to download community version of studio. I want to know how to change from community version to paid version? And since i only need it for pdf extraction what plan should i buy?

Check here Contact Us | UiPath

Make sure that you are providing a business email.

Thanks. Also Can you answer this: Can i convert my desktop project to cloud project?

The project should be a Cross - Platform project.

You can push it to Cloud (your Studio Web) from the project.

More details you can find here: https://docs.uipath.com/studio-web/automation-cloud/latest/user-guide/overview

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