Want to apply a macro in a excel file i created before in the same process, how can i do plz?

I have this error

The output of Excel Application Scope is not the path of the file, but rather the Excel application itself. Therefore, you cannot pass it as the input to Excel Application Scope, which only takes a string designating where the file is or where it will be created.

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Ok how can i indicate, that i want to put the macro on the excel that the process has created

Use the Execute Macro activity for this.

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The macro is outside of the Excel file

I need something like that :

Incase you want to re-use your excel workbook session, you can set the session variable (your Fichier1 variable) to the property Use Existing Workbook > ExistingWorkbook of Excel Application scope. Don’t put Fichier1 to WorkbookPath property

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It doesn’t work, i can’t put the workbook Path and the Existing workbook

And when i put only the Existing workbook, it doesnt work also


Put the Existing workbook only, leave workbookpath empty

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Thank you my friend !!

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