Want status "Pass" or "Fail" if any blank cell available in a 2 ranges

Hello Friends,

I want to mark an excel sheet as Pass/Fail after reading all of the data in columns C and D. For instance, the bot should read all of the data in Column C; if any blank cells are present, it will write Fail in Excel; otherwise, it will write Pass. The process is the same for Column D.
Find the sample data that is attached, where sheet 2 has the data and sheet 3 contains the output.
Datascraping.xlsx (10.0 KB)

Please help me with solution

read the data with read range activity

use for each loop and give value as {WI ID,Status}

in the loop use filter datatable and give condition as the column = “”

you get the out put datatable then you can write the data using append range for each resulting data to sheet3


@LAKSHMI_NARAYANA_PEMMASAN bro, I want to check empty cells in a range and if 1 found the I want to write in sheet3 as Fail.
Can you please help me in this way hence I get desired output

in sheet3 i dont find a proper way , it is just simply writing column name side fail
if you only want this way but i dont see their is proper outcome still you can try below flow

FindEmptyCell.xaml (12.7 KB)


If you requirement is different then please elaborate



Try as below

You can use Filter Datatable and give as “WI ID” is Empty and the output Datatable is tmpdt

This is filter all the empty values if it have in that column

Now use IF condition to check if the datatable has the rows
tmpdt.Rows.Count > 0 that means it has the empty rows
In then you can use Write cell activity and write your status as Fail

Repeat the same for other column also

Hope this may help you


In sheet 3 I am writing status, if the WI ID column has an empty cell then my bot will go to sheet 3 and write “Fail” under the Status column as you see in the screenshot. Same for the Status column also.

Note:- You can show the output in the message box/Write line instead of writing sheet 3. I want 2 entries for 2 columns. No matter how much data is in both columns.

check the below one

FindEmptyCell.xaml (15.3 KB)



Thank you, it working for one column, should I need repeat all code for another column?


I will try this method.

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