Want different value to be included in Send outlook mail message activity

Hi Team,

I want to different values to be included in the send mail message activity. Could anyone suggest solution?

E.g for one condition the body must be

Case number : 849494
Account name : XYAUZ

For an another condition

Case status : Pending
Contact name : Test

Like this I have multiple conditions to be included in the body of the mail. Could anyone pls let me know the solution?

You could create a string variable which you pass into the body?

Use <BR> for a new line

E.g. BodyString = “Case number : 849494 <BR> Account name : XYAUZ”
E.g. BodyString = “Case status : Pending <BR> Contact name : Test”

If you have variables for some of the above i.e. status or name: you could use the below:
E.g. BodyString = "Case status : " + StatusString + "<BR> Contact name : " + NameString + “Test”

Hi @TimK Thank you. I am actually using the same method now. But i want case status and contact name values to hide when i need to send only account name and case number. Do i need to include multiple send outlook email message based on if condition or can it be achieved using some other ways?


Hi @Boopathi

It is better to create the subject separately in both the conditions and pass it to email body


You only need to assign the Body String variable and then pass that into the same Send Outlook Mail Message Activity.

Attached is an example component:
Send Multiple Message in one email.xaml (6.7 KB)

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