Walkthrough Generate Yearly Report for Vendor


Decided to work my way through the above. Mainly using my own work rounds for parts I can’t make work.

I have the below, which opens up the work items, scrapes all the data, filters it into an output datatable, which I am now trying to upload each row as queue items but it keeps throwing an error and I don’t know why



Hi there @Jersey_Practical_Sho,
It appears as though one of your values is not initialised/populated upon trying to access them.

It would be worth reviewing the outputs for each of your activities, ensuring they are populated, as necessary.

In addition, would you be able to attach a snippet, so I can review?

Thanks in advance,


All I do know at the moment, is that everything up until and including the filter works, as I have outputed the filtered table to a csv for checking when I was building it. So I am pretty sure its to do with the Add Queue items part :frowning:

Work Extraction.xaml (11.8 KB)


Hi there @Jersey_Practical_Sho,
It appears as though you are extracting the DataTable originally to:

Then providing that to the Filter DataTable activity, outputting:

Then iterating over:

Did you mean to loop through your filtered DataTable?

Thanks once again,


No … No I didn’t, just figured that part out :open_mouth:

now its giving me this when uploading to the queue

Work Extraction.xaml (11.5 KB)


Hi there @Jersey_Practical_Sho,
The above Exception relates to duplicate entries within the queue.

Whenever an item with a particular Reference (property within the Add To Queue activity) already exists, an Exception is thrown.

If you want to allow duplicate entries, then you can turn the Unique Items setting off in the Orchestrator queue.

Thanks once again,


Try printing the data table that you are extracting, check if it gives proper result or not!


The out put from the table and filter combo always worked. I have now managed t get it to upload to orchestrator with the WIID as the reference :slight_smile:


So I now have all my work items in the orchestrator Queue

The Performer part of the task requires the Queue items to be taken down and processed through acme-test.com

I was going to use a Get Queue Items then for each item perfrom the following actions

If I have my variable for holing the transitem as Queueitem the for each doesn’t like it, and if I change it to string vice versa




I really don’t remember using for each!
This is inside get transaction data right?