Waiting for evaluation and UIPath Support can´t help me

Hello friends, today it´s 2 days since I submitted my video for assignmente 2 and still haven´t been evaluated.
In assignment 1, It passed more than a day and then I contacted UiPath support, as some of you suggested in other topics with the same issue in the forum. I got this answer:
“Unfortunately, we have no developers available to check your assignment manually, so if you still have issues with the assignment, we kindly advise you to access our forum here: https://forum.uipath.com/ and ask about this issue, in order to receive the prompt response.”

Fortunately, few hours later I got evaluated my assignment 1.

Now I’m facing the same Issue with assignment 2, but it is taking even longer to get evaluated, and this time I write my issue here in order to see if anyone can check if something is wrong…

Thank you in advance and have a good day!

Hi @Juan.Olalla,
Is there any reason you are uploading video instead of zipped project? It is a faster way to get evaluation because it’s let say more automated process.

Anyway could you send me a private message with the ticket number in which you’ve got such response from the support?

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Yes, as I send my project and last too much time in assignment 1, I decided to send a video in assignment 2 just to try if this would be faster but obvously I got wrong. I would like to cancel my video submission and send my project in order to try to make this process of evaluation faster, but it is impossible.

Of course, I will send you the ticket.