Waiting for a SQL result

Hello, I need to retrive screen texts after completing SQL execution.
I tried to use TerminalGetText activity with timeout 1200000 milliseconds and waitmode ‘COMPLETE’ or ‘READY’ but it gets ErrorWaitReady while execution of the SQL query.

Is there any better idea to retrieve the result with making sure the execution was done?

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If you need to get the values from the SQL database using query you can use Execute Query activity from UiPath.Database.Activities package, I am not clear on which application you are executing the query and why you need to get the screen text.

Option1: If still you need to get screen text use Element exist activity to identify the row values and if something populated then you can get the text.

Option2: If the application showing output records count wait for it using element exist activity and get the screen text after the row count populated.

hELLO @Kotat ,

For the database automation uiPath is providing the package to connect to the DB and to perform different actions. So instead of doing the UI automation you need to go with backend automation.
Below doc can help you to achieve this.

@sarathi125 @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
Thanks for the suggestion! I’m going to try connecting to the DB directly.

@Kotat ,

For connecting to the MySQL DB from UiPath, we will have to have ODBC ANSI Driver installed as a Data Source and the connection string needs to be configured in the System DSN/User DSN.

MySQL Connection string needs to be then configured as in screenshot below, and The connection needs to be tested by clicking Test

Please refer to below link (upto Test the connection )

Please note the recommendation is to configure ODBC 32-bits rather than 64-bits.

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