Waiting for a file to be ready?

Hi everyone,
I’m developing an automation that involves downloading some documentation from an internal cloud. (files)
These files are of different types. .docx .pdf .mp4 .xml
Each file has different sizes.
I have a problem managing the waiting times when I have to back up video documents.
The size of the files varies from 20 to 150 to 500 Mb, and consequently also the waiting times before the file is completely downloaded.
I don’t know how to manage this time.
Is there a tool to wait until the download file is complete?
Thanks for your precious help.

You could use the “Wait for Download” activity.

do you have an example of how to set up this activity?

There’s an example on the docs page. Here’s a link to the section: Activities - Wait for Download

Basically you need to add the activity that starts the download, inside the “Wait for Download” scope.

Ok… seems simple to use.
I have another question.
Is there also a way to check if the download has started? or did it fail?
So, any way to check if the download is in progress?


After downloading the file
Use File exist activity
put if Boolpath=True

Perform actions

Does this tell me if the file exists, after I downloaded it?
or even if the download is in progress?
I would like something that checks to see if the download is in progress, to make sure the download has started.
because if this were not the case, I have to provide a new click to start it.
If the download is in progress, however, it must wait for it to finish before moving on to the next one.

Hi @AaronMark

You can use Wait for Download activity:

Check the below documentation for more information


There’s a “Timeout” property:
I suppose the activity will throw an exception if the download takes longer than timeout you have set. This needs to be set to a value that you think the download could take at most.

If you need more “granular” approach, you could probably use the “File Exists” activity inside a loop.

It Works.
And it works well!!
Thanks friend!! Very useful and precious!

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