Wait till Cmd execution stops

Is there any way to wait until cmd execution stops? Right now workflow execution stops but cmd still runs in the background. Please kindly share the solution.

One option is the cmd execution should indicate the completion by some mechanism ie create a file, update some flag, send a mail etc… in the workflow use dowhile loop to check the completion.

You could use the get process activity to determine if cmd execution is still running or not and use this as the trigger when it stops perhaps?

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It is a bit tricky but you can copy the output of your command into your clipboard with “|clip” and compare the string that cmd returns to you. Only works when the command returns something and when you start the command yourself of course.

Does work like this:

  1. In Studio: Set the clipboard to a default Value with the “Set to Clipboard”-Activity (Something like: “Not Finished”)
  2. In Cmd window: command |clip
  3. In Studio: Use “Get From Clipboard”-Activity in a while loop to set it to a String variable
  4. Compare the String in the Condition of the while loop. (Like: not clipboardVar.Equals(“Not Finished”))

So as long as the the value in the variable of the clipboard is the default value that you set in step 1 the command is not finished. If you do it like this you should consider using a limit of comparisons(Compare a counter of the Tryouts as well) because if something goes wrong your process will stay in the while loop forever.

Hope this helps.


Seems easy solution, I will try this.

Thanks Everyone :slight_smile: