Wait long time until process start running after start in robot agent


I installed the Studio Enterprise edition 18.2.3 version and have published my process successfully. However, every time I click “Start” in Robot agent, I have to wait for 5-10 minutes then the process actually start running. Is it normal to wait for such a long time? Is there any solution to speed up the wait time?
Thank you all so much!


No. It should not. You robot should start right away in just few seconds. Is it the workflow that is taking time to start or Its the robot itself that start after these may minutes.

Rammohan B.


Hi, thank you so much! When I click “Run” in UiPath studio during development, the process start running right away. I really can’t figure out the reason.


Can you check this thread. Seems like an issue with firewall in your robot.

Rammohan B.


Thank you so much for your help! This solution solved my problem.