Wait image vanish is too slow


i have a little issue with the wait image vanish, it takes almost 3 seconds to respond ( i tested it with a message box)
but i want after the image vanish to screen scrape an image that lasts 2 seconds (i’m working on a citrix automation)
what do you think i should do??
is there a fast way to notice the change in color or something like that??


Hi @othmane

I don’t know the in and outs of the Image Vanish activity, but maybe it will respond faster if you select a smaller portion of it or play around with the accuracy setting?


thanks for your answer
there are no in and outs for the image, it’s just for getting the right timing to do the scraping.
I tried a smaller picture, and it always takes 3 seconds to respond.
I tried with accuracy, same result 3 seconds, and it doesn’t recognise it under 0.7
do you have some other ideas??


hi, othmane.
I am facing the exactly same problem as you.
After the image vanished, it took about another 3 seconds to go on the next activity.
have you found the reason or way to solved the problem?


Could you give a try with this small “benchmark” to help debug the issue.
For me the execution takes ~700ms every time

TestingImageVanish.xaml (12.5 KB)

You just have to run it and paste here the output from the Output pane:


I just used another program that i activate with a trigger key.

it’s BlueEyeMacro