Wait for text to change

How can I determine wether the text in a certain UI element has changed?
Can this be done?

Hi , you can use element exists activity / find element with long wait out ms property
Use element exist activity with that element selector with inner text = expected text

Hi @largedoggies,
You can use Get Attribute activity and indicate that particular element.
After that pass attribute in double quotes.
For ex. “aaname” or “url” or “innertext”. From its selectors.
It will return a value of that particular “aaname” or whatever attribute you have passed in double quotes.

Hope this will work for you.

Hi @largedoggies

You use any of these Element Exists/Text Exists/OCR Exists and keep “Timeout” depending on your need.

Happy learning…

Kindly have a view on this thread with a example

Cheers @largedoggies