Wait For Ready properties

While doing Exercise 2 in Advanced Training met a problem.

When I was testing a sequence which iterated through months and download reports separately everything was fine. But then I did the same in Re Framework, robot began to work very slow. I changed Wait For Ready to None and it started to work fine again. But is it the best solution or there are some other methods I can try?

Thanks in advance!

There are certain things are there how you can improve the speed of your workflow.

  1. Setting Wait For Ready to None (where there is no need to be interactive with the elements)
  1. Selecting option for some of the activities - Send Window Messages or Simulate Click (where the element noneed to be visible and can work in background too which works faster than Default)
  1. Avoiding manually setting Wait Time for some of the activities by using Wait Visible properties.
  1. Instead of activities, you can use programming knowledge like using LINQ queries for the faster processing.
  1. Organizing the project in a better way (where you want to Init applications etc.,)
  1. Using Parallel processing if two independent workflows can execute parallel.

The list will be keep growing proportional to the learning and experience.
All the best.