Wait For Ready - complete do not working as expected

I am making a software to help us in return filling on gst.gov.in
But while loading webpage… this website has a kind of animation overlayed on the page.

Animation appear like below image.

You can visit on https://reg.gst.gov.in/registration/
And browser another webpage by selecting in menu to see this animation.

The issue is I have selected Wait For Ready - complete in properties. but my activities executed before this animation disappear ( this animation only appear until all function fully loaded )

What is the best solution to solve such websites issue which webpage seems fully loaded but such website still load functions in the background with such animation appearance?

Check this -

Karthik Byggari

Thanks, dear @KarthikByggari for the quick response.
But I want to tell you this is an animated image. Mean its change every moment. Please once visit on website for better understanding.

After visiting continue reading this… Suppose if we use image exists ? i think its will not gona work here…because as you have seen on the website. This image appears - disappear… appears - disappear …appears - disappear a lot time. Its have this kind of animation.

Try on element appear activity and make sure to have a generic selector for this animation uielement

Hi @Tech_Guru
Did you found any solution on above problem, as I’m also facing same problem.