Wait for Job and Resume - Use output JobData object to get output arguments


I’m working with the Wait for Job and Resume activity and can’t work out how to easily get the output arguments from the completed job.

This is in my Output data (JobData object):
“out_String”:“Hello this is friend-bot.”

This is in my Assign where I am trying to get output arguments:
This currently just returns one character at index 0. In this case, “{” of the JSON above.

I noticed .OutputArguments gives you a JSON format but there is no option to parse or access the values easily. Do I really need to deserialise the JSON and parse it like that?

Thank for your help in advance!


Bump :slight_smile:

I too am wondering this

I got the same thing, is there a reason for this? What was you fix?

was a solution ever found here? I am stuck here getting individual values.

As the Topic was creatred some times back. So it is better to create a new one also to get adressed individually.

Currently we do have the Option

myJObject  = myTaskOutPutVar.GetDataJsonObject()