Wait for Job and Resume In a For Each Causes Error

Hello i have a problem which i still haven’t found the solution until now.

The robot start by retreiving a dataTable and loop each item to get the data. In the said Loop, a process job will start based on the data in the loop and will wait until the process is finished and continue to the next data.

I used this activity to wait for the job to finisih processing and also pair it with the start job and get reference activity to start the job

However, the robot causes error when executing the activity and when i tried to debug it causes “Cannot serialize the DataTable. DataTable name is not set”. It occured inside the loop which should be impossible since the data is successfully retreived.

Is there any way to solve this? i need to use this method since this is a requirement in my project.


hi Bro.

You can use Retry Scope Activity to check the input data correctly before go to the next action.

The action in retry scope will loop until the received data is correct or go to the exception if data has something wrong.