Wait for Form Task and Resume Activity : How long can a transaction remain in In-Process state in the Queue?


Does anyone know how long can a transaction stay in a suspended state in Action Center? I have a process where I create an Action form every time there is a Business Exception in the process. The business user checks the form every few days to update the information in the queue and then the bot retries the record again with updated information. I use the Wait for Form Task and Resume Activity to perform this.

If the user forgets to complete the form or goes on a vacation, how long will the transaction stay in the “In-process” status in the Queue? Does it fail after a few days or weeks?


After 24 hours an In Process queue item is marked Abandoned.

I don’t think that is true for Long-Running Processes. For example, you can see in the image attached below that this transaction is still waiting to be resolved even after a month. I am curious if this will always stay in “In-Process” state?


yeah you are right on this part for long running work flows. If the Queue item is not processed in some cases like user forgot to resume it and it will be on the status “In-process” forever i guess.

just thought from my side like can’t we have deadline for the Queue items to set for max time taken for user to take decision so that once the deadline finish the queue items will change status failed i guess. and also we can set some SLA for the queue items so that once the SLA finishes it will send proper reminders to the users so that they can resume. thanks.