Wait for element to appear

Guys, I need to upload a file to a website, after uploading an image appears that informs you that the upload is complete.
I would like to use this image to proceed to the next automation activity that would be to leave the site and close the browser.
The problem is that the “Element Exists”, “On Element Appear” activities have a default duration of 30s and generally take longer to upload.
I’ve tried to change the settings in properties, but it didn’t work.
What can I use to wait for the image to appear, only to then proceed with the logout process?

Hi, see this:

You should check repeat forever = true, if it is your case and wait visible = true as well.

@bcorrea I’ve used these settings and it didn’t work.

When you say it didnt work, you mean it didnt wait for as long as you wanted right? Then maybe you need to check your selector because you may be using an element that is always present…

I managed to solve using Do While

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