"Wait For Download" not identifying replaced files


I got this behavior today and it looks lika a bug with the activity “Wait for Dowloand”. In it, you insert N actions to download a file on your app, and then it will keep waiting for the file to download on the configured folder. If a new file is found while this activity is watching that folder, the process will continue after populating a FileInfo variable.

The problem is happening when download a file and clicking on the “Replace file” dialog box that appears if the same file already exists on the target folder. Aparently, when this happens, after confirming to replace the file this activity does not find the new file, and just timeout.

Maybe this is related with the “creation/modifired date” properties of the file, but im not sure.

Hi @lucas.stern

What is the System activity package that you are using? Does it still reproduce on the latest preview version?

From the activity’s documentation:

The downloaded file must not replace an existing file with the same name in the Downloads folder.

So, yeah, sorry, you can’t do that :frowning:

you need to configure your browser for that