Wait for Download file name


You can name the download file for future automation.
How do I set the name? The activity is marked with an error.


That field is to get the file name not to set…

You can change the property in chrome settings → downloads → check as where to download…then you can set the name while saving

Or from the use the filename retrieved and then use rename activity


Do I not have to use " when naming?


you can just rename the file as you want after it get dowloaded


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Hi @micahyesung,

Output variable of ‘Wait for Download’ activity can give you the file name, folder that file is saved to and other details. You can use the function ‘Name’ to get the name of the file dynamically. Using that path or name, you can rename it for later purpose.

You can use ‘Name’ or ‘FullName’ based on your requirement to get either just the name or the complete path.

E.g. VarOutput.Name.ToString (or) VarOutput.FullName.ToString

I am having the same issue, when I try to download and rename the file I get errors.
However, if I take the downloaded file variabe and use it elsewhere (like upload to sharepoint) it works fine. but if I simply want to rename the file I get this issue “can not find part of path”… but its there…

Hi @Nathan_Betters1

it should be related to the new name field, can i see what are you using there?


I gave up on it, but it was what you see plus “today.toshortdatestring”

Well, that function will return the date in format dd/MM/yyyy, and we can´t assing slashes in path, thats why you get the error, you should use Now.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)

oh yea! makes sense I will give that a try. TY!

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oddly, if I try to use the new name and file for sharepoint upload it tells me it cant find the file, but its there. But if the file has not been renamed it works perfectly


just to confirm and reduce possible erros, can you copy as path your file from the file explorer and hardcode it within your upload file secuence

Just to confirm, are you passing the file extension in the renamed path when using in ‘Upload file’ activity?

Maybe that’s the problem I will try that. It would be nice if the activity had an out argument for the new file name which included the full file path

that would be redundant, because you assign your name, so basically you already have the name, you can just create a variable before the rename activity with the new name, and you can reuse that variable later to call again that file