Wait for Document Validation - Error in looping

Dear UiPathians,

I am working with UiPath Intelligent OCR activites and have hit a road block. I am planning to use the Create and Wait Document Validation activities to create an action based on the document that was read.
When using these 2 activities for processing a single attachment from outlook mail box, it works perfectly. An action is created in Orchestrator and once validated the process resumes.
However when I put the same activities inside a loop (while or for each) I get the error in Wait Document Validation step. Ideally the process should create an action and suspend the process till the action is taken in Orchestrator, but in this case, it moves to next Wait Document Validation step during debug process.
Am I doing something wrong? And is there any way I can use Create and Wait in a loop to process all the attachments in the mail?

Any help would be appreciated. Some screenshots for your reference.


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