Wait for Dialog to dismiss with variable time

We’re trying to automate a query execution in Oracle Discoverer and opening a query to execute. The Query takes time to execute. The time taken by the query is varies time by time. Sometimes it executes in few seconds and sometimes it goes upto 5 minutes.

While executing the query, a popup with a progress shows up and we’re using On Element Vanish to wait for the popup to close by itself and do the next steps.

We are currently having the below properties of the On Element Vanish
WaitNotVisible : True
WaitNotActive: True
WaitForReady: Complete
RepeatForever: False
TimeoutMS: 100000

How can I make the Activity wait till the dialog is closed or vanished? Please advise. :slight_smile:

Hi @Sripadraj,

wow, 5 minutes? >,< Have you tried to put a greater timeout? like 300000 (its 5mins of Timeout)

When it fails, is failing because the TimeoutMS is reached? Or why it fails?

Hi Sanchez, Yes it fails of time out. I will try with 300000 MS, but I’m worried what if it exceeds that limit and what if it goes beyond 5 mins, say 10 mins. Is there a way where I can do without using time outs? Thanks


Not really I think. If you don’t put any value into TimeoutMS, it always take 30seconds as default, so…

If you are forced to wait sometimes 5mins, or maybe 10, I belive that you will need to put that time in the TimeoutMS or it will break the wait at the default time :frowning: .

Anyway… also you can put 600000 ms as TimeoutMS…


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@Pablo_Sanchez sure will try that. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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You are welcome my friend @Sripadraj