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From my robot I’m calling an external application written in .net, the application runs like expected but the rest of my flows are depending on the .jsons created by that application, there is no other output except for each image in a folder he uses azure to extract the text and returns a ;json with the info, it’s not garanteed that the extracting while work, nor do I know in advance how mutch images there are in the folder. So I can’t check if the nr of .jsons is equal to the nr of images. The rest of the flows don’t wait for the application to finish, it just calls it and goes on, a second application that is also called is therefore executed to soon. Is there any way to make the robot wait for the application without a visual element of some kind?


Why cant you do a count of all the images before calling the app?

I can, burt that sill wouldn’t help me, I don’t know if the application is able to return the .json, so the robot might wait for a .json, that never will come

I think I found an other way. I use the getProcess activty and the check if the application is part of it with an if

Hi @Daniel_D

If the process is ever ongoing that approach might give rise to come bugs with workflow.

Why dont you try parallel (async) activity for dealing with the file generation trigger which will - i think - capably handle the requirement…

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The process isn’t ever ongoing, or shouldn’t be. I use a do while to keep checking if the process is running or not, so if the process is ever ongoing, the rest will never execute
but your solution also seems applicable

Oh I see, from your query it felt like only some JSON files that generated were used in the workflow.

Anyway, good luck with it :slight_smile:


No all the .jsonfiles are used, but not for every image in the folder is a .jsonfile generated