"Wait Element Vanish / Image vanish" Commands are NOT Working Properly


I am working on a Project where I need to validate the Login Screen.
2 days back i used “Wait Element vanish”, but today it is Not working. It is not waiting for the In-progress icon to disappear from Screen & before disappear the BOT finished the Execution.

Please help me at the earliest as it is a ShowStopper for my Project.

Requesting your kind help and support on this…
Much appreciated & Many thanks…

  • Pavan.


This is due to your selector.

Please check if the selector is able to identify the image. Put highlight to check it.
Hope it helps.


Thanks Abhilash.

But i already tried that. Please help in other way



Do you use both options: WaitNotVisible and WaitNotActive?

Have you tried using wait attribute activity for specific field (maybe using aastate attribute)?


You need other activity, or want Wait element vanish to work?

Try to use anchor based activity or use relative element.