"Wait Element Vanish / Image vanish" Commands are NOT Working Properly

I am working on a Project where I need to validate the Login Screen.
2 days back i used “Wait Element vanish”, but today it is Not working. It is not waiting for the In-progress icon to disappear from Screen & before disappear the BOT finished the Execution.

Please help me at the earliest as it is a ShowStopper for my Project.

Requesting your kind help and support on this…
Much appreciated & Many thanks…

  • Pavan.

This is due to your selector.

Please check if the selector is able to identify the image. Put highlight to check it.
Hope it helps.

Thanks Abhilash.

But i already tried that. Please help in other way


Do you use both options: WaitNotVisible and WaitNotActive?

Have you tried using wait attribute activity for specific field (maybe using aastate attribute)?

You need other activity, or want Wait element vanish to work?

Try to use anchor based activity or use relative element.

I have tried everything to get the Wait for Image vanish to work on my RDP session by trying all multiple options. But nothing seems to work. I had to solve the problem by putting the subsequent activity of clicking the “Connect Button” within a Try-Catch, and in turn putting that Try-Catch into a Do…while loop. This is how the whole thing works.

Wait for Image vanish fails to work, and jumps directly to clicking the “Connect” button image.
I set a boolean value variable startUpError = True, and set up the design as follows:

Click Connect Image Action
Assign startUpError = False
Catch (System.Exception)
startUpError = True
When startUpError = True

Clicking on the Connect button will fail because it hasn’t appeared on the screen yet.
So, the Try-Catch traps the click event, and as long as it keeps failing, the value of startUpError stays True to keep the Do-While loop running.

As soon as the image vanishes and the Connect button appears, the Try succeeds and sets the startUpError to False, and the Do-Loop Breaks.

It worked without any issues. But the Robot pegged the CPU at 30%!

Further, I noticed that the “Wait for Image to vanish” does not work when the background screen is not White.
Unfortunately, our server desktops have been historically set to some kind of Dark Grey scheme like so:


And the splash screen on the application that is supposed to vanish is not being picked up by the Robot for this reason. I’m saying this because it worked in another location, but this time the background was White and the image title bar was Blue with Black letters.

Our IT infrastructure team has more important things to do than entertain a ticket from me to change the desktop setting on the remote server. :roll_eyes:

Looks like I’ve to live with the fix I posted in my earlier reply.