Wait Element Vanish Activity is not working Properly


I am using Wait Element Vanish Activity in Desktop Application but Activity doesn’t wait (To Complete the Progress) at the certain point and flow will go to the further Activity.

My Progress bar process takes more time to scan the document.

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Hello @kishan.savaliya ,

Did you enabled the WaitNotVisible and provided the timeout. You can give some higher value as timeout.

Also I think you are using classic activities, if you switch to modern activities- suggesting to use “Check App State” Activity.

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Yes, I have Enabled WaitNotVisible and also Provided 60 Second Timeout…but the problem is, My Progress bar takes more time to process in big size files and lesser time in Small Size files if i put the more timeout for big files its not appropriate(Good Practice) for small file.

No i can’t switch to the Modern.

Then give some bigger values instead of 60s… So Timeout will be the maximum time for timeout to occur. If your element gets invisible within 30sec then it will go to next acitivity.

Okay let me try this …will ping you

hi @kishan.savaliya
Is wait element vanish activity if added without choosing any element then it won’t literally perform with that activity while the workflow is executed
It will just pass through that activity and won’t wait for any element or even to the default timeout value of that activity

And Wait element vanish activity Will work only on indicating any element
Else it will pass through that activity without performing on it

I have Indicated Progress bar and i want that activity wait until the Progress bar will complete.


this progress bar takes time according to the file size, in some scenario File is small and big…If i put the more time out for the big files but its not suitable for small file.

wait element vanish activity is not wait for to complete this progress bar… it directly moves to the next Acivity.

Hello @kishan.savaliya

if it completes the progress bar, will you get any notification?


Try enabling these two properties and give a try



If that doesn’t work still then try with the other way around
That is, look for a element that appears right after this save activity or this pop up closes
Which means instead of looking for a element to disappear look for an element that appears once this pop up closes

Use RETRY SCOPE activity and in action block use any activities u want and in condition block use ELEMENT EXISTS and indicate that element which appears once this pop up closes
Mention the number of retries as 100 and interval time as 2 seconds

Cheers @kishan.savaliya

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Nope, it directly moves to next activity…looks like Activity is not working properly in desktop application.

okay let me try this…Thank you for Reply…will ping you

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