Wait Attribute question - timing out error

Hi all I’ve looked at some of the other wait attribute questions but can’t quite find the answer (though it could be me not quite understanding them; sorry if that’s the case)

I’m looking at the attribute ‘aastate’ and the string is set as ‘unavailable’. It’s timing out when I know the aastate contains the word ‘unavailable’ as it works when I use the get attribute activity and then an IF statement to see if the word ‘unavailable’ is contained in the aastate attribute

I’m wondering - is the Wait Attribute failing bacause in the string part it just says ‘unavailable’ when other text is contained (but this can change, I’ve seen it sometimes contain the phrase ‘hot tracked’!). Can I write an expression in the string part of the activity that looks to see if the aastate attribute contains the word ‘unavailable’

Thanks all

I’ve resolved this by using wildcards in the string so it now contains “(star)unavailable(star)”

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