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Hello, I’m copying pasting a large range of table (all numbers) in a web application, depending on how many cells being pasted, the refresh can take a while. I need the program to continue as soon as the refresh is done. there is a total cell that will update when the refresh is done. Is there an activity I could use to capture the value change of that cell (the value is 0.00 before refresh and a different number other than 0.00 after refresh). the attribute is innertext. thanks

you can use retry scope activity to sync the bot on the refresh

sure - I do this all of the time. Do this in a flowchart activity You may have to try a couple of these depending on your application and browser. Try get visible text activity or get text activity. Define the variable such as completionText and set it to string. Then kick out a decision flow with a condition completionText = “0.00”. If true have the true side loop back to read the get visible text or get text activity. The bot will loop through the loop until the condition is not “0.00”. I typically throw in a delay of 1 or 2 seconds in each loop through. Hope this helps


Thanks so much both of you!

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