Wait 30sec after sending 50 emails

I am now trying to send several smpt mails.
I want to send 50 mails and then will wait 30s, after that will send another 50mails and wait 30s again, so it will be alternated again and again until the end.
Can I do this function with UIPath?
Please help me with this. Thank you…


If you are using looping statements for sending emails then you can do it inside that.

Declare a integer datatype variable.
Inside the loop after sending email increment it’s value with 1 like intCounter = intCounter+1

Then place a IF activity, in the true part add delay activity for 30 seconds. In the if condition add this code

intCounter Mod 50 = 0 

This will work. If you have different approach for sending emails let us know about that.

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Use an if an count the amount of emails. If greater and 50 then delay 30 seconds.
for these you will use a for each activity, delay activity and a send email activity.


Hello @sarathi125 , Hello @rmunro
Thank you two for your answer.
I got what you mean but I don’t know how to count the mail-address.

Please check me and help me here.
Thank you. :heart:


Before ForEach Row activity, declare one integer variable and say “flag” and initialise with 1 .

   IF flag = 50
   Then: wait 30 sec
              flag = 1
    Else: Send Mail
              flag = flag+1
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Hello @lakshman
Thank you very much for your answer.
It worked well.
But the one thing is when I initialise the interger variable as 1, then it sends 49mails only.
So I changed the intialized interger as 0 and it sent 50 mails as I expected.
Thank you so much for helping me out everyone. :heart:

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