VPN access

Hi team,
I will have access to Oracle ERP application via VPN my doubt is how will I automate the application,
will it be the same as automating in Citrix environment?

Thanks in advance

Hi @amit.chaudhary,

As per my experience, I think you are using the VPN connection only for using a remote desktop, i.e., other desktop situated in some other location.

So, the you will find normal automation process as usual you perform on your machine.

Thanks & Regards,

I would advise you watch a VPN review with 5 VPN platforms, all of which have an affiliate link with the reviewer.

I think everything should work perfectly, but it all depends on the VPN. But I can recommend that you try Veepn https://veepn.com/unblock-websites/ . I have been using this VPN for several years and am completely happy with it.