Vote Data Service API - Part 3 | Entity Data Operations

Hello again Community!

And here is Part 3 video on getting started with UiPath #dataservice #api on the #rpavanguard channel!

Picking up from where we left off in Part 2, this video will:

  1. Confirm that the Refresh token can be used to quickly get a new API Access token
  2. Demonstrate the basic Data operations using the Delete, Add and Update API endpoints
  3. Show how a token can be refreshed when it expires midway during the demo

Reference topics for this video:

  1. UiPath Data Service User Guide - Introduction
  2. UiPath Data Service API documentation home page - API Access
  3. The Postman UiPath Connector guide- UiPath Connector Guide
  4. Open source PKCE generator - Online PKCE Generator Tool

Cheers! :beers:

cc: @Karan @ankit.saraf