Vote Data Service API - Part 2 | Refresh Tokens

Hello Community!

Following the release of the Part 1 video a few days ago, the Part 2 video on the Basics of UiPath Data Service APIs has dropped on my YouTube channel.

The video will cover another set of the following fundamental concepts:

  1. Limitations of a one time API Access token fetched using OAuth 2 request
  2. Using Postman API client to make an OAuth authorization call to request for a Refresh token instead of a one time API token
  3. Use the refresh token in a simpler HTTP POST request (unlike an elaborate OAuth request) to get new Access token and Refresh token
  4. Demonstrate how a sustained Request/Response cycle could be maintained between an API client and the Data Service API end point

Reference topics for this video:

  1. UiPath Data Service User Guide - Introduction
  2. UiPath Data Service API documentation home page - API Access
  3. The Postman UiPath Connector guide- UiPath Connector Guide
  4. Open source PKCE generator - Online PKCE Generator Tool
  5. Advanced Automation Template with DataService - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace from RPA Vanguard


cc: @Karan @Vibhor.Shrivastava @ankit.saraf